Below you will find answers to the most common questions we receive regarding the Nollning. If you have a question that is not answered below please visit the Contact tab where you will find contact information to ÖS, your program and Halmstad Student Union.

What is nollning?

As a new student, you have zero credit and will therefore be calledNolla” or Zero during the ten days. Nollning is an excellent opportunity to get to know the new location if you just moved here, get to know the Campus and the University, but above all it is a chance to meet new friends before your study period starts. Learn more about the Nollning here.

The goal of introduction is to welcome new students to safety through knowledge, fellowship, challenge and a good atmosphere.

What do you during the Nollning?

During the Nollning we play games, go walking tours both on campus and in the city, partying together and try to create a feeling of security and community among the new students. We believe this is importat to be able to get a wonderful studying period. You participate in the Nollning by your own ability and desire, nothing isforced.

Must I register in advance?

X-change student must register, do it by email responsible for your Nollning. You must also have paid the membership fee for Halmstad Student Union. Also make sure to keep an eye on the charge your group take the first day of the Nollning, check your letter of introduction which can be found at the X-change website.

Who can participate?

As a new student at Halmstad University you are welcome to attend the Nollning, but first you have to become a member  of the Halmstad Student Union. This is because itis the Student Union who arranges the Nollning. See the tab Student Union to read more about what you get out of your membership in the Student Union and what you have the chance to engage in during your studying period.

What does it cost?

To participate you must pay a membership fee to, and join, the Halmstad Student Union before the Nollning begins, either for one semester 290 SEK or a full-year 500 SEK, click here to make your payment. Next to this, there is a fee that those who are responsible for your program during the Nollning charges, which varies (see your introduction letter/mail to see this fee). Do you want to participate in the Banquet at the end of the Nollning it costs 380 SEK (payment is made during the Nollning).

What do I do if I do not have accommodation?

The student union have a housing pot where you can get a accommodation, check it out at Every year there is a number of new students who do not have a accommodation during introduction. If that is the case you can usually stay at a fellow student druing The Zeroing.

Do you have to be there from the first day or can you jump in” a little later?

You do not need to be present throughout the whole Nollning if you are unable to attend. If you would show up another day than the first, please contact the group responsible for your Nollning to announce the day and time you are supposed to show up!