Above you will find a picture of Halmstad University’s Campus. Every program has their own gathering place during the Nollning and they are all marked out on the map. Please note that the gathering places may not be the spot where you are supposed to meet up with your program the first day of the Nollning. Read your e-mail/letter of introduction to know your meeting place and time the first day. Your standard gathering place as exchangestudent is at the red dot marked with “X-CHANGE”.

Buildings that are good to know:
B Main Entrance of the University of Halmstad. Behind the doors you will find the Service Center that will help you with for example your student ID that is needed to be able to enter the University buildings and halls when they are locked.
H Trade Center, a high glass building that is easily visible from most places in Halmstad. Would you feel lost and do not find the Campus – Trade Center is a good benchmark.
J Visionen, here‘s auditorium Beartling that will be used for watching movies at selected times during the Nollning. Maybe you even here will writes one of your exams later in the fall semester.
The University Library, where you will have access to all your course books.Computers are also available, and copiers, which is good to know during your time at the University.


A little movie for you who are arriving to Halmstad for the Nollning by train or bus. The movie will will take you to the Campus, or the Student Union.