Halmstad Student Union organizes the Nollning, 10 days of what has the reputation of being one of Sweden’s best introduction for new students! Over 500 student volunteers work and practice for six months for this event only to welcome all new students in the best possible way. During the Nollning you get the chance to get to know the Student Union, the University, Campus, the city of Halmstad, but especially many new friends! This is done through games, tricks, treats, introduction activities and more.

The goal is for everyone to feel welcome by knowledge, community, challenge and joy. We work actively against discrimination. You participate in the Nollning on your own terms, you decide what you can and want to attend to. You also choose whether you wish to consume alcohol or not, alcohol-free options are always available.

Do you have questions about the Nollning? Take a look under the FAQ page, otherwise you can visit the contact tab to find the right person you wish to ask a question.